Is This A Test?

The gall of anyone to ask who do you think you are? It’s something you’d normally associate with a parent responding to their child climbing the walls while attempting to reach the cookie jar, “Who do you think you are, Spiderman? Get down from there!”

But this is something we are forced to ask ourselves on a regular basis. What do you want to do after college? Do you have a resume ready? A linkedin? Facebook? Twitter? A portfolio of your work? The list of ways we are asked to represent ourselves and conjure an identity for others to see and assess is practically endless.

Pre-digital or more importantly pre-internet mostly who we are, was contained in spaces more confined – our peers at school, work, home; as well by the more limited means we could present a collection of work with slides and paper portfolios (I did both of these); and that awful thing that seems to still not go away – the resume.

But now we have unique access to present ourselves not as just an audience or perspective producer to big media, we can broadcast, showcase, without obstacle, other than our good habits to stay focused on the work.

So yes it is still a test, but the format has changed. The blue book, the quiz questions, the grades, even the ‘grader’, are different. Social media spaces are the new contains in which we present the questions and answers in the form of presenting ideas and seeking response. The grading happens in up votes (Reddit) or retweets and mentions. And there is no absolute arbiter, but there is consensus. So you are always wondering how am I doing? Who am I? Who?
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