Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So here’s a picture I shot and edited that displays these chocolates that my aunt creates using plastic that’s engraved with different shapes and what nots for different occasions. This was something we already planned, but i just decided to push the date ahead to today so that I could have something nice to show. I think the image itself is pretty self explanatory but to be frank, the most tedious part of this job was getting everything set up to look nice and appealing. I’m no culinary expert but I do know that humans like colorful things and so I tried to accomplish that without distracting people from the product being sold. lol

This really took a lot of time than expected for just one image (hence the late submission.) But it was fun and something new! Tune in for my next one. I’m thinking about a video but I may just try something else before the vid.  😀

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. You have a really good eye. I love the slanted style, it’s cinematic. The use of colors in the dark space is really rich.

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