Red Apple

Red Apple      Red apple i know  you may think  i am  crazy  for  putting up red apple.  but  i personally think  this is  strange. it  is  my first  time  seeing  apple  red. I mean  the  apple  is red  in  and  out  have  ever  eating  this  kind  of  apple? it  is  not  rotting   it  seems perfectly  good  and  it  taste  as  good  as  any  other apples. Today I bought  a  bag  of  red apple  and  it is  red in and  out. i did  video  it  but  my  cell  could not  imput  the  video  on  my  computer   so i  took the  picture  can  someone  please  tell  me  that  i am  not  insane and  i am the  only one seeing  this  kind  of  apples

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