See No Evil

See No Evil

So here’s a pic that I created from something that inspired me on my way home. I was on the “R” express train and as it zoomed by the local stops I noticed what I believed to be a new television show ad. I couldn’t catch the name of it because of where I was standing on the packed train (and how fast it was going) but I thought it was pretty cool. So if anyone recognizes what I’m talking about please let me know so that I can post the original picture that gave me this idea.



Thanks to Kat for telling me the name of the show “Do No Harm.” Here’s the poster that inspired this piece:

10 thoughts on “See No Evil

  1. hmmmm i’m trying to imagine how you did this…did you take two photos (one with your hands down) and then cut out your face and placed it over the photo with your hands up and then like spot healed around the edges or something ?

    • You pretty much hit it spot on! As for how it was put together, all i did was overlap my face over my hands (as you mentioned,) and then I erased the edges of my face and lowered the opacity. I applied some filters and used displacement map to get things to blend in. That’s pretty much the gist of it all.

  2. I LOVE this .. great job ! This is really cool. I’ve never even heard of this new show. I’m gonna check it out.

  3. Yeah, i was just going to mention the do no harm poster, but still very cool! This one is actually more stylish in my opinion. Does it have a meaning to you or did you just create it for the fun of it?

    • Thanks! It was more or less just for fun but hey I guess everything we create has some sort of connection to us.

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