“The Wimp” – College Football

So in honor of Superbowl Sunday I wanted to do an “oldy but goody.”

I took an old LIFE Magazine Cover seen here: http://www.globalarray.net/user/stevenelson/12101965.jpg and spoofed it with my image. I always realize that I come across as being a wuss (even though I would’ve loved to have played football), so this is the first of my “The Wimp” collection.

Back in the 60's, "The Wimp" was the biggest cry baby in all of College Sports.

Back in the 60’s, “The Wimp” was the biggest cry baby in all of College Sports.


9 thoughts on ““The Wimp” – College Football

  1. This is done really well! Gonna need some tutorials one day. lol Seriously though, this looks fantastic!

  2. That’s awesome! You used a nice blend of colors and it looks legit. Was the original cover in that color or did you do that yourself to create an effect?

    • The cover was the same- except i took out the color from the arms to keep the balance- (and it made it easier to blend my face in!) Check out the link to the original picture in my post above.

  3. This is really good, I like how you made sure to keep the shadows on your face. It makes it look believable. Good job man.

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