Isn’t That Just Like a Rabbit?

Brings a knife to a gun fight.


I’ve been really enjoying the work you’ve all be creating this week and I thought I do a little remix of Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse. As soon as I saw DarkLordDre’s cartoon I thought of the scene from the Untouchables in which Sean Connery’s character is setup by a knife wheeling hood, only to be gunned down on his fire escape. Connery’s famous quote, “Isn’t that just like a wop? Brings a knife to a gun fight,” has been part of a regular trope in fiction:

A character comes into the scene armed with what he thinks is sufficient, only to find out he is severely outclassed weapon-wise, because he brought the entirely wrong type of weapon (usually the superior weapon is revealed after the first person has committed to a fight).

Possibly I could say the same about this week’s creative challenge. ‘Never bring a JPG to a GIF fight – or I’ll animate the crap out of you.’


2 thoughts on “Isn’t That Just Like a Rabbit?

  1. wow leave it to you to completely turn my drawing in to something this cool. you got to show me how you did this its really cool. I love how the blood lands on mickey’s face.

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