Favorite Flavor: Editor of Reality.

          In the last week I posted thrice (three times).  The first two were mashups (“The Wimp” and SciFi Rabbi) and the third was a thematic montage (Bar Mitzvah). Together I believe it says something what mode of artistry i employ, but separately each of these show different visions i have when i make art.

The first two are seemingly similar in that they are both changes in reality. In reality, I am not an aspiring sportsman, and I would like to say that I’m not a wimp (although I’m sure some would argue). In reality, those men are just rabbis and they don’t live on a starship or even have a TV show about living on a starship. I enjoy a bit of living in the clouds. I enjoy creating a world that can not be accessed by the senses, but in ones mind- and then making a bit of that world real. This would also include, but not limit to: Special effects in movies as well.

The third project tells a little bit more about that same artistic style. it seems to me that taking elements of different stories and telling a new story with video is almost the same as taking elements of reality and/or fiction and putting them together in a photo.

Together they tell a simple fact. I enjoy editing stuff and I’m not the greatest writer. It doesn’t matter if its video or photos. My brain doesn’t pulsate with new genius ideas every couple minutes, but when they do I write them down and try to find a place to use them. (But when they do, they drink dos equis… lol there goes that crazy brain of mine.)

I know there is much more to learn about different editing software and as i learn more techniques my work will be better. it’s kinda like a basketball player working on his dribbling or a hockey player on his stickhandling.

Time is everything, And there’s just enough of it. Do work. Practice makes perfect (or just better.)