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Over the last week, I participated in the week long creative challenge. I will admit that it was pretty difficult to keep coming up with something new each and every day of the week. I would not particularly class myself as an artist of any type. While I do make beats and I do occasionally rap I wouldn’t consider myself a recording artist. As evidenced by three of the seven posts I did this past week, I love making and viewing memes. While I had a kick out of the memes I created, I also do not consider myself a comedian (although you have to give me credit for that Maury Meme). I guess one could consider me a “freelancer” since I dabble in a little bit of everything.

There are several things I could work on. I would like to step up my creativity. I do not really know how I can do this however, as I am not easily inspired like many people are. It takes something compelling to get my creative juices flowing. I think my biggest problem with the creative challenge was that I just could not come up with many good ideas since I had to create something every single day. That was probably the toughest part about the whole process. At times I felt my creations were stale. Another problem I had with the challenge  was time consumption. That played a huge part in the quality of what I created. I guess I have to learn to manage my time a little bit better.

As far as my taste goes, I believe that it is evident in my posts. I like cheap comedy as seen in my memes. Seeing people catching z’s on the train always motivates me to make a meme. I also love hip hop as seen in two of my posts. Looking back at it, I wish I could have done more hip hop related stuff. But that is a theme I would consider heavily using should I have to create something again later this semester. In essence, it would be so much easier to create something based off of an entity that has played a major role in my life.

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  1. Getting in the habit of making something everyday will definitely include a lot of work you’re not happy with, but I believe it does lead to better work if you keep it up. Eventually connections in your process can be discovered, and realisations about what you like to make and how you make it. It does get better!

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