Need more practice

This week was a good week for me. This week’s creative challenge really was great because it forced me to be creative. for me like most people, what holds me back is that I can be lazy at times. I think this week showcased the different sides of me. this week I did not want to do the same project over and over I tried to change it up as much as I can. I made sure one of my first projects was star wars because im a blind fan boy that loves anything star wars. I dont really have a patricular sytle or taste persay but I think in time it will come. I think I have decent taste and enough ambition but I think I can use a little more practice. What I loved most about this challenge was that I got to practice with stuff I knew had to do but forgot how to do like GIFs. In the future I want to do more projects that helps me practice into more stuff I want to do. I want to work more with after effects and premiere because thats what I like to do. Im proud of the work I did this week but I was starting to run out of ideas of what to do everyday. If I had more equipment at home like after effects or a camera I could do alot more. I think what Ira Glass said was true, if you just keep working and working on projects you will get better and close the gap. This creative challenge week was great and I think I will do this more often because it will help me get better as a storyteller, editor, artist, graphics animator, etc.