What’s Your Taste?

As an artist, I’d like to describe myself as a storyteller. Being that I’m an aspiring filmmaker, there is a switch in my head that I can’t turn off and I’m always thinking of an imaginary scene or story. Heck, sometimes I narrate my own life in my head! Much of my inspiration as a story teller comes from comic books. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics for as long as I can remember which is why all of my posts were drawings. I wouldn’t call my ability to draw a talent because I’m not a master in the area, but rather a skill I happen to develop because of the medium I was exposed to for so many years.

I know that my drawings say a lot about me because I know how to visually tell a story and that reflects on my various styles of sketches. Most of my inspiration in terms as a sketch artist comes from several of my favorite comic book illustrators such as Bryan Lee O’Malley, Frank Miller, and Bruce Timm just to name a few. Now part of the reason why I sketch so often is that I am able to express a scene better that way rather then writing it first and it’s a habit that I’m slowly shaking off because I am now becoming a more comfortable writer.

My main priority right now is to develop a lot of work before I graduate. Now by a lot I don’t mean an exaggerated amount like 20-30 but i’m aiming from 6-10 because I take into account school work and other things like family, girlfriend etc. Along the way I also want to develop and finish my script ideas. I have been developing this one particular short for what seems to be several months and recently just hit a wall and stop but on my way to school this morning I let my mind loose and the story began to unravel itself once more inspiring me to once again start writing really soon.

My goal is to finish atleast the first draft of the script by mid to late March and also write and finish a small script for my production team on a video we planned to make since last year but never got around doing it. I am not too strict upon myself when it comes to deadlines unless I feel there’s a fire under my butt but I proposed to myself that the sooner I can get through these phases of writing stage the quicker I can knock out projects and have work to present for future jobs and opportunities.

My real motivation and sometimes fear is that perhaps my current line of work doesn’t really speak about me as an artist so I want to develop projects where I invest entirely in and can have my own signature style. My best time to start developing all these ideas would be now, since school just started and work isn’t as hectic and I proposed to myself that by next week I would work on two projects per day. I’m pretty happy about my ability to develop stories and being able to sketch them as I see them. It may sound silly but I believe that it’s an important skill to have to really make your imagination come to life. Now, all I need to do is put all my efforts, dreams and motivation to work and really start presenting myself as who I am: a story teller.