What’s Your Taste?

You spent week creating something everyday and posting it on this blog. You may not have actually done everyday. Why not? But regardless I believe that you revealed something about your taste in what you like to make and how you made it.

I want you to try and describe these tastes that are a part of how you might think of yourself as an artist or maker or whatever (if you hate labels). But this is not always an easy thing to do, so be willing to lean the things you made in the last week, or even in other spaces or other times. Where do think you’re work needs a little more, describe the bits you’re happy with and not so happy with.

And how are you going to make the time for yourself as Ira Glass suggests is necessary to get better at executing your taste.

One thought on “What’s Your Taste?

  1. For the most part I’m always finding time to work on something. I’m currently in the process of building a production company, and producing our first short film, with a group of close friends. With that written, I schedule meets every week to make sure everyone is on the same page and no one drifts off and gets lazy. We all have a job to do, as for me, I’m constantly trying to brainstorm ideas for a logo, writing and working on scripts, editing footage etc. The only thing I wish I had was more time. With work, and school, its really tough to realize the progress that may or may not be happening. However, I have learned that its better to take your time and focus on one thing at a time, and slowly but surely as time passes, take a step back and realize all the progress that is being done.

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