My taste is heavily inspired by anime and manga and its subculture, and I really think it shows. When I make comics, the style is really based off of the omakes (extras) that mangaka place in the beginning and/or end of a volume of work that they publish. I see my strengths as a creator more into drawing and I’d like to become better at animating. I’m still  trying to figure out what my style is because I’d like my work to look a bit more realistic, and I continue to create cartoons because its my safety net.

I think I really just need to force myself to make the time to create (start to finish! completing a work is one of my biggest issues) when I’d rather be scrolling through Tumblr and looking at cool stuff.

I’m also going to ignore the little voice in my head that says I’m not skilled enough yet to execute ideas that I have. I usually come up with a grand concept, get validation from others about it, write it down, plan it out and then just sit on it and let it rot instead of finishing it. I really just want to make something start to finish, no matter how bad it is and just follow through on it.
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