final project ( group project) anthony, dwayne, andres

anthony/dwayne/ andres final project is a documentary on graffitti. there will be following a many graffiti artist. they are interested in uncovering graffiti’s influence around the world from its inception in america and around the world. they will have interviews and it will lead to an event in ecuador. they will focus on graffitit’s influence on the world today and how it has changed from the 80’s. their target audience is our generation. they will also have another person of interest , her name is lady pink. she is another popular graffiti artist that will be tagging along with them. very interestingly they want to flip the idea that graffitit is not just associated with gangs, and vandalism, but it is a form of art, history. they would also compare ecuadorean style of graffiti and american style. they need to focus on trying to organize their ideas to form a coherent message. they need to make sure they get backstory, storyboards, establishing shots. Anthony’s role is director, andres is producer, dwayne’s role is cinematagraper. they all will be supporting each other in the editing. I wish them good luck it sounds very ambitious, I just hope they can get every thing done they want to acheive.