Kat’s Final Project

The project will be on a website on extensive role playing board games. The how-to of board games and an exposure about the “geek” community. The website would consist of videos of run throughs of game play. The tool as to how these videos will be made are time lapse on actual gameplay along with the possibility of re enactments using pixel figures as tools to demonstrating significant moments in the game which would last between 5- 6 minutes in total. GIFS is also a possibility of a tool to tell the story of significant moments and how-to’s. The basic idea or goal of the concept of the website is to bring an awareness of the board game culture and what makes it interesting. Most people shy away from this culture and this website would expose the fun and creativity of this type of medium. The website would have the possibility of creating avatars for people with made up stats and different powers and abilities. It’s a website on the community demonstrating the medium for new and old fans of these games and more.