Misadventures (animation)

This is an animation attempt by myself, Dwayne and Anthony. The program used for the animation is Toon Boom Studio and it was our first time with it. It took some getting use to and we decided that we weren’t too happy with the result so it will be re done with better animation and more sounds. However, it was a fun first attempt and we are keen on trying it more on future projects.

3 thoughts on “Misadventures (animation)

  1. So why toon boom studio? Is it the only tool you’ve tried for building the animations? And how are you going to work with sets? I think it might be interesting you work with real photos or pieces from advertising. You need to create an overall ‘look’ for your animation. You should attempt some still frames more fleshed out next.

  2. The reason why Toon Boom Studio was chosen was because even though it could’ve been achieved in after effects or even Flash or Illustrator we were under a tight time frame and our lead animator was already proficient in this new program. But the piece will be re done because once we saw the finished product it still felt rushed and the animation was re done because of last minute inconveniences so once it’s re done a lot more will be implemented such as background gifs and use of real photos and the proper animation style.

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