Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

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Portfolio or no portfolio? Linkedin profile? Youtube? Twitter? Facebook? Comments on blog posts from a class? What out there on the internet is associated with your real name? Have you looked?

Do some ego-surfing. Google yourself. Facebook yourself. Add keywords like “New York” “York College” “Video” “Design.” What turned up? What’s the first site that pops-up? Was it you? Was it what you’d want to show up first?

In a blog post describe what you discovered when you searched your real name. Then describe what your plans are to cultivate results that you’d like to see. You may want to have a portfolio that’s the top result and associating your real name to a WordPress install with your real name as the title would help a lot.

But you don’t necessarily have to do that. You could have your real name point to a Facebook profile that’s completely private. And that’s ok. Read Danah Boyd’s article on the ‘Tyranny of Real Name Policies.’ She has an interesting perspective on the value of pseudonymity online.

These are a few examples of portfolios out there, a couple of which are Comm Tech alumni:

Shanté Pierre (CT alumni and recent Parsons MFA candidate)
Dhruv Kumar (Recent CT alumni)
Josh Weiss (AMC staff editor)
Karen Kavett (probably my favorite portfolio site as it integrates her regular blogging/social media activities with her work samples)

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