How will I cultivate my online “Samson Seligson”?

What did I find:

When I searched myself on Google, I knew immediately that all of the links would be of me. I mean think about it, how many people have the name Samson Seligson?

The top 5 links that came up were my LinkedIn profile, my sound cloud profile,
my “Halloween-DS106” project, my “electro-acoustic collage” project, and my Twitter profile. After that were two After Effects projects from YouTube, my Facebook profile, and my personal website-

What will I do:

This search made me realize first, if someone were to look me up they would think that I’m more of a sound person, which I’m not. Granted that the Halloween project is meant to advertise my voice acting skills, but the title doesn’t show that.

I was happy to see that my LinkedIn came up first and that I have kept it up to date.

Something that bothered me was the fact that my website came up at the bottom of the page. I realize that one major reason is that my name Samson Seligson doesn’t actually show up together anywhere on the site. I will need to change that. Furthermore, if HR sees my website and clicks on it, its just not updated and I don’t post much of my work, forget that there is a process to the work. So what I want to do with my website is to update it with projects and attempt to post any day that I do work and explain what I’m doing even if it’s a paragraph or a sentence.

Making projects is key to keeping me out there and fresh. If I find that I “don’t have anything to do” I can always make something for my final project. My final project was outlined here by Larissa several weeks back.
i hate writing essays

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