Internships right up my alley

I think most who work in film have a larger than life dream to be the director of a feature film. I am one of them. However, that is an extremely lofty goal, and don’t exactly plan a career around lofty goals. So I need a more likely option. Something that is not for the few and far between, something that i enjoy, something that presents the world of video magic.

I want to do special effects. I want to create images that were never really there. Motion Graphics, 3D modeling, the works…

So I went on a search for Internships right up my alley and found these three:

New York City

Designomotion makes all sorts of graphic and live action videos. Their work ranges from animations to commercials and many things in between. They deal with startups to Fortune 500 companies. They do show promos, infographic commercials,  post-production, and all sorts of other services for their clients. Their videos can be found on their web page (above).
Since there is a whole range of videos that they create, therefore they have a full compliment of jobs necessary to create these videos. They have jobs for graphic designers, motion graphic designers, live-action film crew, the works.

They advertise on their contact site that they are interested in after Effects animators, illustrators, DP’s, or interns.

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31 Howard Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10013
Anne Skopas, Executive Producer (NYC): 212-668-0111

Buck values itself on its integration with the professionals and their interns in the work environment to create masterful visual works for the screen. They believe in a workplace where everyone works together for a common purpose and the same eye level.

what many of the pieces that really caught my eye were highly animated advertisements for other clients. Their entire library can be found here. This one was more of a large scale but basic after effects project “Tell your own story” while a second one “Color your travels” was an open advertisement which seemed to me that they were using sophisticated programming

Buck works on many short pieces for their clients. So many of them are only 30 seconds. Unlike the previous example, this company has a path that is directed considerably more toward animation rather than standard live action film production.


100 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brtainstorm-Digital has worked with big name clients such as the HBO, Disney, Universal, to name a few. They are all about creating masterful computer generated images and special effects for films and TV shows. So in many of the shows you watch and in many of the films you went to the theater to see, brainstorm digital was the company that made you think what you were seeing was real… oooooohhhh….

Their main jobs are special effects and graphic designers. They are generally a post-production team that works on the shots that were already captured for a given show or film and touched up with added computer generated stuff.
And that’s exactly what i wanna do in an internship and beyond.. ond..ond…ond!

And an added thought about schools:

I have been thinking about going to graduate school, and found several great programs, but i feel that i would do better going to a technical school and learning how to be a master at the craft i wish to do.