updating my web presence

Well it was very disappointing when I did not find my name in a google search. Even though I dont heavily keep up my web  presence, or on twitter on a daily basis, I thought I had a decent web presence. The one thing I found was a pic of me from Linkedin. I know what my problem is. The problem is that I dont keep the same name in all my social media sites. for example in twitter my handle is andresuarez2, youtube its andrevid100, motion graphics course: asuarez345, portfolio course: darklorddre, etc. my only web presence that has pure name is facebook and linkedin.

I know what I have to do its simple, I just have to make sure change my name on the social media sites to have my pure name. The other thing that is a major issue for me is that I have to learn to up date everything that I have  on the web at least on a monthly basis. For example when I make new work it takes me like 6 months to add it to my site. So I definitely have to update my site and all my social media profiles more frequently.

Lastly I have realized while being in york that it is very important to be apart of the online community. before coming to york I was very private, and did’nt want to use social media sites at all. since the 2 years I have been here I have opened up more to the idea of social media. Now what have to do is actually engage it more. for example I have a twitter account but dont really use it and that I would like to change. I would like to have a little following, it would be nice to have people see my work. If I want more and more people to see my work I definitely have to put more of effort in making it more easy for people to find me.