Real Name police

My  real name is  a storm when  i search my  name  on  the  web  i got  over  fifty names  of  Patricia Harris. when added  my  middle  initial, it  got even  more. Most  of  them  were  powerful  and  career  women some  them  are  government  officials  who  are in their     50s,60, and  70 years of age. when  i spelling out  my  middle  name  i  came  across  ten  women that share the  same  full  name  with  me surprisingly. i was  able to  fine  myself by  putting my  age that  the  only  way  i  could  identify the  patricia harris  i am. it  seems scary. i think i will  continue  to use  my nickname on  social media  pages. as  i am  doing  right now. I could’not  see and  of  my  social media  pages  because  in  nick names.