Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

When I searched my name the first profile that I came across was not mine, in fact it was a Facebook profile of someone much older that I am. However the second profile was mine and it was my linked in profile that I kind of neglected, I don’t think that this is a bad thing that my linked in page showed up because, on my linked in profile I feel that my image is positive and this is great for me if I am searched by companies. The results that I received from my search simply means that I have to do a lot more work on my linked in account to make sure enough information is on there, also the information that is on there is up to date and are ones that I would like employers to see.

Also what I found when I searched my name was my sound cloud profile, and this is also a  neglected account. Finding these neglected accounts is bad because I would like to have them fully functional and good because my image is not negative on these sites. My aim is to transform these sites so that they don’t look incomplete. A goal that I have is completing my portfolio site, when it is finish I would like my name to be associated with that site. This  means that, I will put my name in many places as possible in an effective way on the site so that it shows up on search engines.