Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Internship Possibilites

In the future I want to a job that I can have fun in and grow. I love working in this field, and chose the companies that best reflect what I want to do for my future and would love to intern in.

visual effects companies – I love visual effects in films, and would love to create them in the future. here are some companies that do them in the NYC area that I would intern.

brainstorm digital – 100 water street Brooklyn, NY 11201, (646) 330-5242, brainstorm

AST Studios – 325 gold st, Brooklyn,

Look Effects – 104 north 7 street, Brooklyn, NY 11249-3020,

TV production

here are some the companies that would be my dream jobs in television. I would want to do film series like game of thrones, and the walking dead.

AMC networks INC. – 11 penn plaza, New York, NY 10001 (212) 324-8500, amc

HBO – 1100 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, 94719 (212) 512-1000,

NBC – 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, 10112,

ABC Studios – 77 west 66th street , New York (212) 456-7777,

TV studio Production for this category I would be interested in working in the control room in positions such as; Technical Director, and Assistant Director.

Fox 5 – 205 E 67th street, New York, NY, (212) 452-5555,

Wendy Williams show – 378 8th Ave Box 226, New York, NY 10001, (877) 449-9769,

Film Production

Aurora Coast productions- 802 West Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10022, www.

New Line Cinema – 888 7th Ave, New York, NY 10106 midtown,



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2 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Internship Possibilites

  1. The visual effects companies look like prinicipally production companies which suits your interests. But the networks (HBO, AMC, ABC, etc) really do not necessarily have a whole lot of production, except for a few in house shows and the packing of purchased content. Remember the example I gave you of the friend who works as a trailers and bumpers editor for AMC. He’s only one of 3-5 staff editors cutting packages for advertising and bumpers on shows like Mad Men. Remember AMC doesn’t produce Mad Men (Lionsgate does). They pay for it. I encourage you to look for TV production companies in the city that make shows sold to these networks.

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