Real Name police

My  real name is  a storm when  i search my  name  on  the  web  i got  over  fifty names  of  Patricia Harris. when added  my  middle  initial, it  got even  more. Most  of  them  were  powerful  and  career  women some  them  are  government  officials  who  are in their     50s,60, and  70 years of age. when  i spelling out  my  middle  name  i  came  across  ten  women that share the  same  full  name  with  me surprisingly. i was  able to  fine  myself by  putting my  age that  the  only  way  i  could  identify the  patricia harris  i am. it  seems scary. i think i will  continue  to use  my nickname on  social media  pages. as  i am  doing  right now. I could’not  see and  of  my  social media  pages  because  in  nick names.

Internship Possibillities

ProActive communication 114 west 47 street

NewYork NY,10036


A film and televison production company

Ghost Robot 25 Howard St  New York Ny,10013


This  company  production  film  and  television

Moving picture  crew 139 Fulton St #610

New York NY,10038 ny-camera

contrat  David Wells

2122 203 0213

My interest  is  in  making  of  video   i  like  to take  picture of thing  as well   to  telling  the  story  of  some thing i think  is  amazing. The  thing  with  me  is   that  time is  so  limited to me  because  of  work.   After  seeing  other  people  post  on  the  blog last week, i realize  that I need to  make  time.

I can do  it   and  i try  making  animation  in  adobe flash  but  it  could not  be  posted on the  blog. I like   animation  but  i  can  not  draw  for  living.   I post  couple  of  picture like  the  nature  post, it  was  an  image  that  i  saw and  thought  on quiet  place to be.   i am  not  a painter  but  i  love to  see a  painting i  like  the  coordination  of  colors that  artist  put  together   to  express themselves. i took  the picture  of   the  painting  when  a  friend  of my was  painting  something  for   his  apartment  which  dose  for  the  fun  of  it  post his  work to be  seen I really  haven’t figure  my self  out  because  thing  that  i really don’t  how  to  do well  or  at  all  but  one  thing  for  sure  i  like  to  make  video.



This  the  work  of Jeremiah  a friend of  my  and  think this  work is  beautiful  i want  to share  it  with  you

Red Apple

Red Apple      Red apple i know  you may think  i am  crazy  for  putting up red apple.  but  i personally think  this is  strange. it  is  my first  time  seeing  apple  red. I mean  the  apple  is red  in  and  out  have  ever  eating  this  kind  of  apple? it  is  not  rotting   it  seems perfectly  good  and  it  taste  as  good  as  any  other apples. Today I bought  a  bag  of  red apple  and  it is  red in and  out. i did  video  it  but  my  cell  could not  imput  the  video  on  my  computer   so i  took the  picture  can  someone  please  tell  me  that  i am  not  insane and  i am the  only one seeing  this  kind  of  apples