Irums Final Project


-peoples perspectives on how men see women

-white men see white women, black men see black women

-interracial relationships

you and nacilia are working together

-age group of interviewees 10-80

-inspired by doc called Absent

-look on online dating sites and gravitate your questions around the questionnaires they make you fill out when signing up.

jogos roleta

The Magic Hallway






I made this gif from those cliche chasing scenes in old movies/cartoons where you’ll see them run through one door and come out of another one in the same hallway. (Scooby-Doo) It was a really fun to shoot and create but in hindsight I wish I would’ve jumped back behind the pillar so it could loop seemlessly towards the end. *kanye shrug* you live and you learn I guess. Hope you enjoy!

The Plank


This GIF is from one of my favorite scenes in the UK based show, The Inbetweeners. I recently grew an addiction to this show from how hilarious it was and went through every last episode in a span of three nights. This scene right here is probably one of my favorite scenes because I know tons of guys could probably relate their first time to this portrayal of  pure awkwardness. To check out the full scene I’ve attached the link below. Enjoy!
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Classroom Suggestion

This is an up and coming meme that has hit the interwebz pretty strongly. It’s called “Boardroom Suggestion” and has quickly made itself to become one of my all-time favorite memes. There are tons of variations of this meme online and each one never fails to make me laugh. The reason why I chose my professor (Michael Smith) is because he’s notoriously known for having the ‘do-it yourself’ attitude for as long as I could remember. I was inspired from an actual experience when during his last CT101 class I wasn’t able to help out a student and I asked him for help and he says “well what would you do if you really wanted to figure it out?” and I sarcastically remarked “ask you?”. He probably imagined throwing me out of a window right after! Classroom Suggestion