Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

When I searched my name the first profile that I came across was not mine, in fact it was a Facebook profile of someone much older that I am. However the second profile was mine and it was my linked in profile that I kind of neglected, I don’t think that this is a bad thing that my linked in page showed up because, on my linked in profile I feel that my image is positive and this is great for me if I am searched by companies. The results that I received from my search simply means that I have to do a lot more work on my linked in account to make sure enough information is on there, also the information that is on there is up to date and are ones that I would like employers to see.

Also what I found when I searched my name was my sound cloud profile, and this is also a  neglected account. Finding these neglected accounts is bad because I would like to have them fully functional and good because my image is not negative on these sites. My aim is to transform these sites so that they don’t look incomplete. A goal that I have is completing my portfolio site, when it is finish I would like my name to be associated with that site. This  means that, I will put my name in many places as possible in an effective way on the site so that it shows up on search engines.

Isaac final Project

Documentary of Two rappers

They Rap as a group

Story about how they met

Name is Drastic and JS, JS is poetic and Drastic is not

ages 23 and 24, been together for 7 years

from Puerto Rico and UK

Play in fashion shows ( self produce fashion shows )

Struggle of becoming famous

talk about his fathers death and how it affected him lyrically

My Taste

The reason why didn’t create something on the blog everyday was because of limited resources and also finding the time to, on certain days when I’m extremely busy. the resouces that I lacked are mpeg streme clip and also protools, mpeg streme clip is a software that I know how to use to execute animated gifs that comes from a video, and I know how to use protools to do sound engineering for a video. What I believe the things that I put up over the past few days revealed about my taste as an artist is the fact that I like my work to be neat and well organize, placement also plays a major role in some of the things that I do. My works are also focus mainly on graphic design.

Penalty Kick

soccer animation

Please click image to view animation. Fixed by inserting the image full size!

This soccer animated gif was created in both illustrator and fireworks. All the drawings were done in illustrator and let was taken to fireworks to be animated.

Soccer Player

soccer player

This soccer player was drawn in Adobe illustrator using the basic shapes such as circles and rectangles. The one on the left is shapes manipulated to form different parts of the figure on the right, which is the completed version.