Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – Internship Possibilites

In the future I want to a job that I can have fun in and grow. I love working in this field, and chose the companies that best reflect what I want to do for my future and would love to intern in.

visual effects companies – I love visual effects in films, and would love to create them in the future. here are some companies that do them in the NYC area that I would intern.

brainstorm digital – 100 water street Brooklyn, NY 11201, (646) 330-5242, brainstorm

AST Studios – 325 gold st, Brooklyn,

Look Effects – 104 north 7 street, Brooklyn, NY 11249-3020,

TV production

here are some the companies that would be my dream jobs in television. I would want to do film series like game of thrones, and the walking dead.

AMC networks INC. – 11 penn plaza, New York, NY 10001 (212) 324-8500, amc

HBO – 1100 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, 94719 (212) 512-1000,

NBC – 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NY, 10112,

ABC Studios – 77 west 66th street , New York (212) 456-7777,

TV studio Production for this category I would be interested in working in the control room in positions such as; Technical Director, and Assistant Director.

Fox 5 – 205 E 67th street, New York, NY, (212) 452-5555,

Wendy Williams show – 378 8th Ave Box 226, New York, NY 10001, (877) 449-9769,

Film Production

Aurora Coast productions- 802 West Park Avenue, New York, New York, 10022, www.

New Line Cinema – 888 7th Ave, New York, NY 10106 midtown,



informative essay examples

updating my web presence

Well it was very disappointing when I did not find my name in a google search. Even though I dont heavily keep up my web  presence, or on twitter on a daily basis, I thought I had a decent web presence. The one thing I found was a pic of me from Linkedin. I know what my problem is. The problem is that I dont keep the same name in all my social media sites. for example in twitter my handle is andresuarez2, youtube its andrevid100, motion graphics course: asuarez345, portfolio course: darklorddre, etc. my only web presence that has pure name is facebook and linkedin.

I know what I have to do its simple, I just have to make sure change my name on the social media sites to have my pure name. The other thing that is a major issue for me is that I have to learn to up date everything that I have  on the web at least on a monthly basis. For example when I make new work it takes me like 6 months to add it to my site. So I definitely have to update my site and all my social media profiles more frequently.

Lastly I have realized while being in york that it is very important to be apart of the online community. before coming to york I was very private, and did’nt want to use social media sites at all. since the 2 years I have been here I have opened up more to the idea of social media. Now what have to do is actually engage it more. for example I have a twitter account but dont really use it and that I would like to change. I would like to have a little following, it would be nice to have people see my work. If I want more and more people to see my work I definitely have to put more of effort in making it more easy for people to find me.


final project ( group project) anthony, dwayne, andres

anthony/dwayne/ andres final project is a documentary on graffitti. there will be following a many graffiti artist. they are interested in uncovering graffiti’s influence around the world from its inception in america and around the world. they will have interviews and it will lead to an event in ecuador. they will focus on graffitit’s influence on the world today and how it has changed from the 80’s. their target audience is our generation. they will also have another person of interest , her name is lady pink. she is another popular graffiti artist that will be tagging along with them. very interestingly they want to flip the idea that graffitit is not just associated with gangs, and vandalism, but it is a form of art, history. they would also compare ecuadorean style of graffiti and american style. they need to focus on trying to organize their ideas to form a coherent message. they need to make sure they get backstory, storyboards, establishing shots. Anthony’s role is director, andres is producer, dwayne’s role is cinematagraper. they all will be supporting each other in the editing. I wish them good luck it sounds very ambitious, I just hope they can get every thing done they want to acheive.

Need more practice

This week was a good week for me. This week’s creative challenge really was great because it forced me to be creative. for me like most people, what holds me back is that I can be lazy at times. I think this week showcased the different sides of me. this week I did not want to do the same project over and over I tried to change it up as much as I can. I made sure one of my first projects was star wars because im a blind fan boy that loves anything star wars. I dont really have a patricular sytle or taste persay but I think in time it will come. I think I have decent taste and enough ambition but I think I can use a little more practice. What I loved most about this challenge was that I got to practice with stuff I knew had to do but forgot how to do like GIFs. In the future I want to do more projects that helps me practice into more stuff I want to do. I want to work more with after effects and premiere because thats what I like to do. Im proud of the work I did this week but I was starting to run out of ideas of what to do everyday. If I had more equipment at home like after effects or a camera I could do alot more. I think what Ira Glass said was true, if you just keep working and working on projects you will get better and close the gap. This creative challenge week was great and I think I will do this more often because it will help me get better as a storyteller, editor, artist, graphics animator, etc.

The Voice of the Dark lord

[soundcloud params=”auto_play=false&show_comments=true”][/soundcloud]

here is my cheap imitation of Darth Vader lol. I just used audacity- effect- gverb then messed with the settings then uploaded to soundcloud.

Exploding Death Star

Anyone who knows me knows I love Star wars, and  I always try to doing projects based on it. this simple little gif was a nice little excersize. I have done gifs before it took me awhile to remember how to do them but it was pretty simple. you find a video from youtube, then copy the url then go to and download the video. I forgot to write down the rest of the process lol. you go to photoshop and I believe it was file-import-video as slides. after that you may want to change the speed of each frame than file – save for web and devises – then press save.