Cultivating my “real name.”

As I searched for my own name, I can honestly say I was satisfied. My LinkedIn, Facebook, and Vimeo accounts were in the top five results on google. It would’ve been nice to see my Vimeo account come first since that’s where I displayed all of my work (which I think is what really matters) but I’m not gonna freak out if they check out my Facebook account either. Facebook is a social network FIRST before anything else, so if they discover something about me that they don’t like, I’m not going to hold myself accountable for it on a professional level. It’s not a professional website. I disagree with self-censorship as well, given MY career path I don’t think it’s necessary if you have the skills required for the job.

In order to get my Vimeo account higher in google, I figured that maybe increasing its activity would work out, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m home writing short stories and have begun collaborating with people on other story ideas that I’m really excited about. Good things are going on and progress is definitely being made.

Anthony, Dwayne, & Andres

Anthony, along with his other group members, Dwayne and Andres, is planning on exploring the role of graffiti and it’s transition from the United States to Ecuador.

2 Potential Characters
-Lady Pink
-Allen Ket

Shown murals of graphite around Williamsburg to get an idea of some of the history that follows the art of graffiti.

Presentation at a museum in Ecuador.
Influenced from StyleWars documentary.

Target Audience: People from 20-45 Forties because that’s the age of the people where it kinda boomed in America.

Light Painting

I just learned how to do this and I must say, this is definitely harder than it looks. You have to write everything backwards in a matter of time before the shutter closes again. My brain wasn’t cooperating with me with the backwards writing part. lol

Light Panting

Magic Shades

I couldn’t really think of anything today since I’ve been sick. 🙁 So I put this quick 4 second piece together. It’s kinda like a test drive because I’ve wanted to try this kind of effect in future videos but I hadn’t really gotten to it. So here it is. Quick and simple! I promise something more filling next. 😀

See No Evil

See No Evil

So here’s a pic that I created from something that inspired me on my way home. I was on the “R” express train and as it zoomed by the local stops I noticed what I believed to be a new television show ad. I couldn’t catch the name of it because of where I was standing on the packed train (and how fast it was going) but I thought it was pretty cool. So if anyone recognizes what I’m talking about please let me know so that I can post the original picture that gave me this idea.



Thanks to Kat for telling me the name of the show “Do No Harm.” Here’s the poster that inspired this piece:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

So here’s a picture I shot and edited that displays these chocolates that my aunt creates using plastic that’s engraved with different shapes and what nots for different occasions. This was something we already planned, but i just decided to push the date ahead to today so that I could have something nice to show. I think the image itself is pretty self explanatory but to be frank, the most tedious part of this job was getting everything set up to look nice and appealing. I’m no culinary expert but I do know that humans like colorful things and so I tried to accomplish that without distracting people from the product being sold. lol

This really took a lot of time than expected for just one image (hence the late submission.) But it was fun and something new! Tune in for my next one. I’m thinking about a video but I may just try something else before the vid.  😀