Davids Final Project

Would like to a documentary or a website.

Wants to focus on his brother who as been a DJ for about ten years.  His brother is a manager at Fed Ex in the day. David would like to a documentary on him, describing the back story of how he got into DJing. The whole point of the documentary because he finds it interesting that his brother started from nothing to become a DJ.One question is whether or not his DJ is pursuing it as a full time job.
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Everyday Artist

I wasn’t able to create everyday because I had to work and I didn’t have time to work on anything. I think I’am very simplistic in things that I like to create. I think simple things make the greatest impact on people because they are straight-forward and to the point. For me I take a lot of things from my past and experiences to create work that i do either for school or outside of the classroom. Once I have something in my mind, thats when I add my creative touch to it which often results in something simple.For example, I drew Bart Simpson because its a show that I grew up on, and instead going into extreme detail as I made the sketch I left it simple and i think thats whats makes the picture nice for me. As a graphic artist, I also keep things simple.I like to work on everyday themes that people can relate to when working on designs. However I don’t put nearly as much time as I should into learning new programs and methods.When I make music i have the same mindset but because its scrutinized more in public I tend to take more time on it regardless on wether or not its a simple song or freestyle. As a result I criticize myself a lot because I feel that there is much I need to improve on as both a rapper and a song writer.When I first started I was really bad and looking back, I’am happy to see I have improved on my flow and rhyme structure. Besides just the writing aspect of it, rapping requires one to be a master of performing arts which i feel is one of my biggest flaws.Even though I have performed, I still suffer greatly from stage fright and the fear of public speaking at times, and this has caused a great deal of distress for me knowing that my anxiety effects how I preform and may prevent me from gaining fans.

Music Poster

Here is a music a poster I designed. I did it in a program called Photoscape which allows me to manipulate color of the image. I also added text and since the song is about alcohol and substance abuse, I thought it would be a great idea to add a blur effect to the words.

As You Are Original Comparison