Final Project

I was thinking about an i dea for a final project. The ideas i had were typical and would not be as engaging as i would like. i recently encountered a few people who were interested in my work and proposed an interesting offer. They are a non profit organization and who travel overseas to the west indies. Their goal is to provide free health care people people in need, their main goal eventually is to open a health institution permanently for these individuals. My role in this is to simply document these occurrences. I was told that my part in this will be fully credited and and might even be the go to person for their media production. I am vey excited about this opportunity and i hope everything goes as planned.

Almost There

When i google searched myself, i realized that my portfolio (blog) doesn’t show up first. Instead, the work that i’ve done in most of my classes showed up. This can only mean one thing; My portfolio is not organized or linked to all of my work. Im not much of a blogger, so to further enhance my identify on my portfolio  i need to link all of my work to it, so when my name is entered in google search, my portfolio which initials all of my work, will pop up first and my work can be visible.

Ojo’s Final Project

Three ideas in mind. one is a music video, short MTV style documentary about flights; (fear of flying)

The music video is possible depending on the complexity of it. Someone has approached me about a music video recently, i was thinking of using that as my video. But my main focus right now seems to be on the documentary of the fear of flights.

What would be difficult to shoot might be airport footage. Due to security porpuses, it seems as if he may have to invest a lot in this project in order to succeed. i know i will have to do a lot if research, because to find people who afraid of flying might be a bit difficult. Also, to get footage of people on the planes might be a challenge. I was thinking at the end of the piece to find a way to sort  make the people lose their phobia of flights.