Cultivating My Real Name

One of the first links that comes up when I google searched my name was a 411 site that had my name, address, and home telephone. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to get rid of that information entirely, I decided with the advice of Professor Smith, that it would be best to push that information down in order to highlight things that I actually want future employers to see.

With that in mind I finally began to work on a site. It’s something I had been thinking about for a while but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach it. I’m beginning with a free hosting service so the url is unnecessarily long. It’s not a bad thing as of now though. I’m going to post all my work and make it something like a portfolio and eventually I will purchase my own domain and make it legit.

For now, I think this will be a good way to push other things down.This will allow me to link my twitter, youtube, facebook, and vimeo accounts to my work and the presence that I want to show. I want to create a new facebook that’s strictly business. I want to strip the attachment of my name with my current facebook simply because it’s more of a friend and family environment and I really don’t even use it at all. I want to attach myself with something that I will use and that will be easier if I start all over and actually use it this time around.

During the last week, I’ve found that my taste mostly lies within recreating things. Besides taking pictures I did a lot of recreating and merging of images. I like the idea of juxtaposing things and I think it’s really cool and fun to do. I also wanted to do some animated GIF’s because those are fun I just didn’t have the time to get around to it.

In terms of merging images to create something I think I need a little work there. I just have trouble sometimes with making clean edges and making it look really naturally so I want to spend some time perfecting that. When I used to write stories I would try to make book covers for them and it was hard sometimes to merge two images that have completely different backgrounds and color schemes. I want to better myself in that area so that I can make covers for my works.

In terms of all the animated GIFs that I have done in the past I think some of it was my best work. Once I got the hang of how it worked it became one of my favorite things to do and I am now fairly good at it. Of course there is always room for improvement and I want to learn how to do things such as making Bugs Bunny’s head explode!

The Ira Glass kinetic type is really great advice. I don’t feel so bad that my work isn’t perfection and what I sometimes envision it to be after hearing those words and seeing them across the screen. It makes myself and I’m sure many others feel better knowing we are not alone and that one day we’ll be able to create exactly what we envision.

I want to make a mix of book covers and animated GIFs to post.

Something Is Wrong Here !

Once again I decided to do one of the DS106 assignments. This one is really cool and it caught my eye immediately. It came to me instantly once I saw the description for the assignment and this is what I came up with.


I used photoshop and took the girl out of the original image she was in, which was obviously on the beach and I placed her into this snowy day background.

LOGO Remix !


The inspiration for this image came from a DS106 assignment. It is called The Ultimate Merger, and can be found here. The moment I saw the assignment I was attracted to it because I thought it was funny that the image was a burger king logo with mcdonalds in the center. I wanted to do two logos that are well known and as I began to browse logos on google, it clicked as I typed on the keys of my mac while staring at the windows pc in my entertainment room.