Internship Possibillities

ProActive communication 114 west 47 street

NewYork NY,10036


A film and televison production company

Ghost Robot 25 Howard St  New York Ny,10013


This  company  production  film  and  television

Moving picture  crew 139 Fulton St #610

New York NY,10038 ny-camera

contrat  David Wells

2122 203 0213


Some of the website I found for internships.

This link only provides information for some of the production companies there are, but if you click on the left side “Jobs & Training” it will take you to other links to an applicaiton for internships. (for production companies) (for internships)

This is the internships for HBO. one of the places i dream to work at.^IDYTkaH6jenWuSeOk718CzAF8fg6gYdrF/Kz9KwzqcqMVtBzeqWCMg==&jobId=641193&type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=36&JobSiteInfo=641193_36&GQId=0

I am not sure about what kind of company it is, but internship sounds good.


An Internship is an opportunity that helps provide real world experience to students looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a particular career field.

I have always love shooting videos and editing them is a passion acquired through painstaking methods that span over eight years. I know that i still need more hands-on experience to strengthen those knowledge acquired so far, in college. Hence the Internship opportunity.

Couple of places I did like to work are:


This studio, opened in November, 2004, is sited at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to provides New York City with a Hollywood – style film production and support facility. This is a full service, state-of-the-art “production factory,” equipped for start-to-finish production of major motion pictures, independent films, television, broadcast commercials and music videos. 






Silvercup Studios

Silvercup Studios Main Lot
42-22 22nd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
voice: (718) 906-2000
fax: (718) 906-2585

This studio was opened in 1983 as an independent full service film and television production facility in New York City. Has a total of 13 shooting stages at its current location. Silvercup is currently home to several television show which includes CBS’s Person of Interest and Elementary, USA’s White Collar HBO’s Girls and more live broadcasting shows.

Internship opportunity ranges from studio maintenance, Camera crew, lighting, and editors.

Call several times to makes appointments but always get the voice-mail.


Anthony, Dwayne, & Andres

Anthony, along with his other group members, Dwayne and Andres, is planning on exploring the role of graffiti and it’s transition from the United States to Ecuador.

2 Potential Characters
-Lady Pink
-Allen Ket

Shown murals of graphite around Williamsburg to get an idea of some of the history that follows the art of graffiti.

Presentation at a museum in Ecuador.
Influenced from StyleWars documentary.

Target Audience: People from 20-45 Forties because that’s the age of the people where it kinda boomed in America.

final project ( group project) anthony, dwayne, andres

anthony/dwayne/ andres final project is a documentary on graffitti. there will be following a many graffiti artist. they are interested in uncovering graffiti’s influence around the world from its inception in america and around the world. they will have interviews and it will lead to an event in ecuador. they will focus on graffitit’s influence on the world today and how it has changed from the 80’s. their target audience is our generation. they will also have another person of interest , her name is lady pink. she is another popular graffiti artist that will be tagging along with them. very interestingly they want to flip the idea that graffitit is not just associated with gangs, and vandalism, but it is a form of art, history. they would also compare ecuadorean style of graffiti and american style. they need to focus on trying to organize their ideas to form a coherent message. they need to make sure they get backstory, storyboards, establishing shots. Anthony’s role is director, andres is producer, dwayne’s role is cinematagraper. they all will be supporting each other in the editing. I wish them good luck it sounds very ambitious, I just hope they can get every thing done they want to acheive.

Isaac final Project

Documentary of Two rappers

They Rap as a group

Story about how they met

Name is Drastic and JS, JS is poetic and Drastic is not

ages 23 and 24, been together for 7 years

from Puerto Rico and UK

Play in fashion shows ( self produce fashion shows )

Struggle of becoming famous

talk about his fathers death and how it affected him lyrically

Davids Final Project

Would like to a documentary or a website.

Wants to focus on his brother who as been a DJ for about ten years.  His brother is a manager at Fed Ex in the day. David would like to a documentary on him, describing the back story of how he got into DJing. The whole point of the documentary because he finds it interesting that his brother started from nothing to become a DJ.One question is whether or not his DJ is pursuing it as a full time job.
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What are you going to do? Short film, Cinematically compelling, good story, good shots.
Writing a pilot to a potential web-series. Based on a guy with super human abilities. Guy named Lector. Working on character development and background story. Pilot episodes*
Leave something interesting to leave at the end of the pilot episode that will draw the audience to commit to the story. To reel in the audience.
Still in the development stage of the story. Mentem for the project name. It is latin.

A chronicle inspired feeling. A Dark feel to his story. Spiderman
The agency is coming after lector.
15min pilot. Web-series. Urban area. Molded character. Broken home. In school. Drunk parents.
Characters: Uncle, Alice, Lector and Father.
Direct the actors to present the modeled character.
Adaptation of a the time travel book.