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The inspiration for this Giff was derived from watching most of my Professor’s Giff works. The background picture was a jpeg of Tom Hanks face imposed on a bear while the looped birds clips was ripped from the movie “The walking Dead”. The animated face that substituted the Tom Hanks face was Eddie Murphy take in the movie “Coming to America”

All came to life using Adobe Photoshop CS6

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.18.07 PM

The Eddie Murphy face

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 12.28.18 PM

Tom-Hanks-is-a-lot-of-animals-meme 2original from google:   Tom-Hanks-is-a-lot-of-animals-meme12

Internships right up my alley

I think most who work in film have a larger than life dream to be the director of a feature film. I am one of them. However, that is an extremely lofty goal, and don’t exactly plan a career around lofty goals. So I need a more likely option. Something that is not for the few and far between, something that i enjoy, something that presents the world of video magic.

I want to do special effects. I want to create images that were never really there. Motion Graphics, 3D modeling, the works…

So I went on a search for Internships right up my alley and found these three:

New York City

Designomotion makes all sorts of graphic and live action videos. Their work ranges from animations to commercials and many things in between. They deal with startups to Fortune 500 companies. They do show promos, infographic commercials,  post-production, and all sorts of other services for their clients. Their videos can be found on their web page (above).
Since there is a whole range of videos that they create, therefore they have a full compliment of jobs necessary to create these videos. They have jobs for graphic designers, motion graphic designers, live-action film crew, the works.

They advertise on their contact site that they are interested in after Effects animators, illustrators, DP’s, or interns.

category- internship opportunities


31 Howard Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10013
Anne Skopas, Executive Producer (NYC): 212-668-0111

Buck values itself on its integration with the professionals and their interns in the work environment to create masterful visual works for the screen. They believe in a workplace where everyone works together for a common purpose and the same eye level.

what many of the pieces that really caught my eye were highly animated advertisements for other clients. Their entire library can be found here. This one was more of a large scale but basic after effects project “Tell your own story” while a second one “Color your travels” was an open advertisement which seemed to me that they were using sophisticated programming

Buck works on many short pieces for their clients. So many of them are only 30 seconds. Unlike the previous example, this company has a path that is directed considerably more toward animation rather than standard live action film production.


100 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brtainstorm-Digital has worked with big name clients such as the HBO, Disney, Universal, to name a few. They are all about creating masterful computer generated images and special effects for films and TV shows. So in many of the shows you watch and in many of the films you went to the theater to see, brainstorm digital was the company that made you think what you were seeing was real… oooooohhhh….

Their main jobs are special effects and graphic designers. They are generally a post-production team that works on the shots that were already captured for a given show or film and touched up with added computer generated stuff.
And that’s exactly what i wanna do in an internship and beyond.. ond..ond…ond!

And an added thought about schools:

I have been thinking about going to graduate school, and found several great programs, but i feel that i would do better going to a technical school and learning how to be a master at the craft i wish to do.

Internships and Grad school

I was deeply inspired when MediaStorm came to York College to discuss the company and their projects. It was almost like a light bulb turned on because that’s what my group and I aspire to be. I was delighted to find out that they also offer internships, even though it’s a one in a million shot I believe that going there would grant me the ultimate experience where i’m absorbing everything I see like a sponge. They are an organization that essentially works with profit and non profit organizations that help construct videos and documentaries about awareness and characters. Having my own production team that also do something similar was inspiring to see what a more established and developed group is. Basically MediaStorm is the grown up version of Pantheon Cinema (My Group). Jobs range from editing to even going in the field and shooting, but it’s mostly just editing and helping coordinate these projects.

20 Jay St, Suite 528
Brooklyn NY 11201 USA
+1 (646) 344-1290

Now this is just a fantasy scenario, but my IDEAL internship would be to work with Marvel. I’m a huge comic book fan and love all the work they have been doing with their stories and films and once I found out that the company is located in New York and intern all the time I was delighted beyond belief. And their internship opportunities range from everything that I have encountered at York, from web design to even media. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers that I could have the opportunity to be involved in the media department with marvel and become a part of being behind the stories that brought me up during my childhood.

AMC Networks Inc. (IFC FILMS) Operates several award winning brands of cable television. One of them being IFC films that produce culturally relevant films that have engaged audiences for years. IFC films offers interns a chance to review, analyze and be a part of the independent film world. I was made aware that a previous CT major interned at IFC and I became extremely jealous at the fact because that is the ideal place where any indie filmmaker see’s themselves being at a certain point.

AMC Networks Inc.
11 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001
Main Phone #: (212) 324-8500

I don’t have planned to attend graduate school right away after I complete my work at York. My goal is to work for about a year to a year and a half and then attend graduate school once I have a better vision of what I need to work on and learn. I know this is a very unrealistic plan, but NYU has a film program that many artist in the industry have attended and I just think to myself “Why can’t I?” It’s a long shot but I believe the networking and push would be what I need to get my foot in the door and start working seriously as a professional


My taste is heavily inspired by anime and manga and its subculture, and I really think it shows. When I make comics, the style is really based off of the omakes (extras) that mangaka place in the beginning and/or end of a volume of work that they publish. I see my strengths as a creator more into drawing and I’d like to become better at animating. I’m still  trying to figure out what my style is because I’d like my work to look a bit more realistic, and I continue to create cartoons because its my safety net.

I think I really just need to force myself to make the time to create (start to finish! completing a work is one of my biggest issues) when I’d rather be scrolling through Tumblr and looking at cool stuff.

I’m also going to ignore the little voice in my head that says I’m not skilled enough yet to execute ideas that I have. I usually come up with a grand concept, get validation from others about it, write it down, plan it out and then just sit on it and let it rot instead of finishing it. I really just want to make something start to finish, no matter how bad it is and just follow through on it.
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During the last week, I’ve found that my taste mostly lies within recreating things. Besides taking pictures I did a lot of recreating and merging of images. I like the idea of juxtaposing things and I think it’s really cool and fun to do. I also wanted to do some animated GIF’s because those are fun I just didn’t have the time to get around to it.

In terms of merging images to create something I think I need a little work there. I just have trouble sometimes with making clean edges and making it look really naturally so I want to spend some time perfecting that. When I used to write stories I would try to make book covers for them and it was hard sometimes to merge two images that have completely different backgrounds and color schemes. I want to better myself in that area so that I can make covers for my works.

In terms of all the animated GIFs that I have done in the past I think some of it was my best work. Once I got the hang of how it worked it became one of my favorite things to do and I am now fairly good at it. Of course there is always room for improvement and I want to learn how to do things such as making Bugs Bunny’s head explode!

The Ira Glass kinetic type is really great advice. I don’t feel so bad that my work isn’t perfection and what I sometimes envision it to be after hearing those words and seeing them across the screen. It makes myself and I’m sure many others feel better knowing we are not alone and that one day we’ll be able to create exactly what we envision.

I want to make a mix of book covers and animated GIFs to post.

My Taste

The reason why didn’t create something on the blog everyday was because of limited resources and also finding the time to, on certain days when I’m extremely busy. the resouces that I lacked are mpeg streme clip and also protools, mpeg streme clip is a software that I know how to use to execute animated gifs that comes from a video, and I know how to use protools to do sound engineering for a video. What I believe the things that I put up over the past few days revealed about my taste as an artist is the fact that I like my work to be neat and well organize, placement also plays a major role in some of the things that I do. My works are also focus mainly on graphic design.

My Taste

Over the last week, I participated in the week long creative challenge. I will admit that it was pretty difficult to keep coming up with something new each and every day of the week. I would not particularly class myself as an artist of any type. While I do make beats and I do occasionally rap I wouldn’t consider myself a recording artist. As evidenced by three of the seven posts I did this past week, I love making and viewing memes. While I had a kick out of the memes I created, I also do not consider myself a comedian (although you have to give me credit for that Maury Meme). I guess one could consider me a “freelancer” since I dabble in a little bit of everything.

There are several things I could work on. I would like to step up my creativity. I do not really know how I can do this however, as I am not easily inspired like many people are. It takes something compelling to get my creative juices flowing. I think my biggest problem with the creative challenge was that I just could not come up with many good ideas since I had to create something every single day. That was probably the toughest part about the whole process. At times I felt my creations were stale. Another problem I had with the challenge  was time consumption. That played a huge part in the quality of what I created. I guess I have to learn to manage my time a little bit better.

As far as my taste goes, I believe that it is evident in my posts. I like cheap comedy as seen in my memes. Seeing people catching z’s on the train always motivates me to make a meme. I also love hip hop as seen in two of my posts. Looking back at it, I wish I could have done more hip hop related stuff. But that is a theme I would consider heavily using should I have to create something again later this semester. In essence, it would be so much easier to create something based off of an entity that has played a major role in my life.

What’s Your Taste?

As an artist, I’d like to describe myself as a storyteller. Being that I’m an aspiring filmmaker, there is a switch in my head that I can’t turn off and I’m always thinking of an imaginary scene or story. Heck, sometimes I narrate my own life in my head! Much of my inspiration as a story teller comes from comic books. I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics for as long as I can remember which is why all of my posts were drawings. I wouldn’t call my ability to draw a talent because I’m not a master in the area, but rather a skill I happen to develop because of the medium I was exposed to for so many years.

I know that my drawings say a lot about me because I know how to visually tell a story and that reflects on my various styles of sketches. Most of my inspiration in terms as a sketch artist comes from several of my favorite comic book illustrators such as Bryan Lee O’Malley, Frank Miller, and Bruce Timm just to name a few. Now part of the reason why I sketch so often is that I am able to express a scene better that way rather then writing it first and it’s a habit that I’m slowly shaking off because I am now becoming a more comfortable writer.

My main priority right now is to develop a lot of work before I graduate. Now by a lot I don’t mean an exaggerated amount like 20-30 but i’m aiming from 6-10 because I take into account school work and other things like family, girlfriend etc. Along the way I also want to develop and finish my script ideas. I have been developing this one particular short for what seems to be several months and recently just hit a wall and stop but on my way to school this morning I let my mind loose and the story began to unravel itself once more inspiring me to once again start writing really soon.

My goal is to finish atleast the first draft of the script by mid to late March and also write and finish a small script for my production team on a video we planned to make since last year but never got around doing it. I am not too strict upon myself when it comes to deadlines unless I feel there’s a fire under my butt but I proposed to myself that the sooner I can get through these phases of writing stage the quicker I can knock out projects and have work to present for future jobs and opportunities.

My real motivation and sometimes fear is that perhaps my current line of work doesn’t really speak about me as an artist so I want to develop projects where I invest entirely in and can have my own signature style. My best time to start developing all these ideas would be now, since school just started and work isn’t as hectic and I proposed to myself that by next week I would work on two projects per day. I’m pretty happy about my ability to develop stories and being able to sketch them as I see them. It may sound silly but I believe that it’s an important skill to have to really make your imagination come to life. Now, all I need to do is put all my efforts, dreams and motivation to work and really start presenting myself as who I am: a story teller.

Need more practice

This week was a good week for me. This week’s creative challenge really was great because it forced me to be creative. for me like most people, what holds me back is that I can be lazy at times. I think this week showcased the different sides of me. this week I did not want to do the same project over and over I tried to change it up as much as I can. I made sure one of my first projects was star wars because im a blind fan boy that loves anything star wars. I dont really have a patricular sytle or taste persay but I think in time it will come. I think I have decent taste and enough ambition but I think I can use a little more practice. What I loved most about this challenge was that I got to practice with stuff I knew had to do but forgot how to do like GIFs. In the future I want to do more projects that helps me practice into more stuff I want to do. I want to work more with after effects and premiere because thats what I like to do. Im proud of the work I did this week but I was starting to run out of ideas of what to do everyday. If I had more equipment at home like after effects or a camera I could do alot more. I think what Ira Glass said was true, if you just keep working and working on projects you will get better and close the gap. This creative challenge week was great and I think I will do this more often because it will help me get better as a storyteller, editor, artist, graphics animator, etc.

Everyday Artist

I wasn’t able to create everyday because I had to work and I didn’t have time to work on anything. I think I’am very simplistic in things that I like to create. I think simple things make the greatest impact on people because they are straight-forward and to the point. For me I take a lot of things from my past and experiences to create work that i do either for school or outside of the classroom. Once I have something in my mind, thats when I add my creative touch to it which often results in something simple.For example, I drew Bart Simpson because its a show that I grew up on, and instead going into extreme detail as I made the sketch I left it simple and i think thats whats makes the picture nice for me. As a graphic artist, I also keep things simple.I like to work on everyday themes that people can relate to when working on designs. However I don’t put nearly as much time as I should into learning new programs and methods.When I make music i have the same mindset but because its scrutinized more in public I tend to take more time on it regardless on wether or not its a simple song or freestyle. As a result I criticize myself a lot because I feel that there is much I need to improve on as both a rapper and a song writer.When I first started I was really bad and looking back, I’am happy to see I have improved on my flow and rhyme structure. Besides just the writing aspect of it, rapping requires one to be a master of performing arts which i feel is one of my biggest flaws.Even though I have performed, I still suffer greatly from stage fright and the fear of public speaking at times, and this has caused a great deal of distress for me knowing that my anxiety effects how I preform and may prevent me from gaining fans.