My Online Identity

I have come to the realization that I need to build a presence on the internet. When I google my full name (Alfred Parsard) it brought up a slew of things related to me. The first thing that popped up was my old radio show that I used to host online. The second result that was listed was my twitter account. This is very important since it shows that people can find me on the internet if they look me up. My Youtube page came up third.

updating my web presence

Well it was very disappointing when I did not find my name in a google search. Even though I dont heavily keep up my web  presence, or on twitter on a daily basis, I thought I had a decent web presence. The one thing I found was a pic of me from Linkedin. I know what my problem is. The problem is that I dont keep the same name in all my social media sites. for example in twitter my handle is andresuarez2, youtube its andrevid100, motion graphics course: asuarez345, portfolio course: darklorddre, etc. my only web presence that has pure name is facebook and linkedin.

I know what I have to do its simple, I just have to make sure change my name on the social media sites to have my pure name. The other thing that is a major issue for me is that I have to learn to up date everything that I have  on the web at least on a monthly basis. For example when I make new work it takes me like 6 months to add it to my site. So I definitely have to update my site and all my social media profiles more frequently.

Lastly I have realized while being in york that it is very important to be apart of the online community. before coming to york I was very private, and did’nt want to use social media sites at all. since the 2 years I have been here I have opened up more to the idea of social media. Now what have to do is actually engage it more. for example I have a twitter account but dont really use it and that I would like to change. I would like to have a little following, it would be nice to have people see my work. If I want more and more people to see my work I definitely have to put more of effort in making it more easy for people to find me.


Online Identity

I want to step out of my student identity that I have online and start having my Director/Digital media artist identity step in. I currently have a group website, with my production team Pantheon Cinema. Within that site my production work down along with my bio and merits. This is the identity I’m working to build and want to be identified with the most. And with every group video my team and I make the more views our website gets and we become acknowledged more. I hope to continue to build more work and to have recognition for it as my “fan-base” grows with my work being exposed.

Cultivating Your ‘Real Name’ or Not

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Portfolio or no portfolio? Linkedin profile? Youtube? Twitter? Facebook? Comments on blog posts from a class? What out there on the internet is associated with your real name? Have you looked?

Do some ego-surfing. Google yourself. Facebook yourself. Add keywords like “New York” “York College” “Video” “Design.” What turned up? What’s the first site that pops-up? Was it you? Was it what you’d want to show up first?

In a blog post describe what you discovered when you searched your real name. Then describe what your plans are to cultivate results that you’d like to see. You may want to have a portfolio that’s the top result and associating your real name to a WordPress install with your real name as the title would help a lot.

But you don’t necessarily have to do that. You could have your real name point to a Facebook profile that’s completely private. And that’s ok. Read Danah Boyd’s article on the ‘Tyranny of Real Name Policies.’ She has an interesting perspective on the value of pseudonymity online.

These are a few examples of portfolios out there, a couple of which are Comm Tech alumni:

Shanté Pierre (CT alumni and recent Parsons MFA candidate)
Dhruv Kumar (Recent CT alumni)
Josh Weiss (AMC staff editor)
Karen Kavett (probably my favorite portfolio site as it integrates her regular blogging/social media activities with her work samples)

Almost There

When i google searched myself, i realized that my portfolio (blog) doesn’t show up first. Instead, the work that i’ve done in most of my classes showed up. This can only mean one thing; My portfolio is not organized or linked to all of my work. Im not much of a blogger, so to further enhance my identify on my portfolio  i need to link all of my work to it, so when my name is entered in google search, my portfolio which initials all of my work, will pop up first and my work can be visible.

How will I cultivate my online “Samson Seligson”?

What did I find:

When I searched myself on Google, I knew immediately that all of the links would be of me. I mean think about it, how many people have the name Samson Seligson?

The top 5 links that came up were my LinkedIn profile, my sound cloud profile,
my “Halloween-DS106” project, my “electro-acoustic collage” project, and my Twitter profile. After that were two After Effects projects from YouTube, my Facebook profile, and my personal website-

What will I do:

This search made me realize first, if someone were to look me up they would think that I’m more of a sound person, which I’m not. Granted that the Halloween project is meant to advertise my voice acting skills, but the title doesn’t show that.

I was happy to see that my LinkedIn came up first and that I have kept it up to date.

Something that bothered me was the fact that my website came up at the bottom of the page. I realize that one major reason is that my name Samson Seligson doesn’t actually show up together anywhere on the site. I will need to change that. Furthermore, if HR sees my website and clicks on it, its just not updated and I don’t post much of my work, forget that there is a process to the work. So what I want to do with my website is to update it with projects and attempt to post any day that I do work and explain what I’m doing even if it’s a paragraph or a sentence.

Making projects is key to keeping me out there and fresh. If I find that I “don’t have anything to do” I can always make something for my final project. My final project was outlined here by Larissa several weeks back.
i hate writing essays

Internship Possibillities

ProActive communication 114 west 47 street

NewYork NY,10036


A film and televison production company

Ghost Robot 25 Howard St  New York Ny,10013


This  company  production  film  and  television

Moving picture  crew 139 Fulton St #610

New York NY,10038 ny-camera

contrat  David Wells

2122 203 0213

Internships right up my alley

I think most who work in film have a larger than life dream to be the director of a feature film. I am one of them. However, that is an extremely lofty goal, and don’t exactly plan a career around lofty goals. So I need a more likely option. Something that is not for the few and far between, something that i enjoy, something that presents the world of video magic.

I want to do special effects. I want to create images that were never really there. Motion Graphics, 3D modeling, the works…

So I went on a search for Internships right up my alley and found these three:

New York City

Designomotion makes all sorts of graphic and live action videos. Their work ranges from animations to commercials and many things in between. They deal with startups to Fortune 500 companies. They do show promos, infographic commercials,  post-production, and all sorts of other services for their clients. Their videos can be found on their web page (above).
Since there is a whole range of videos that they create, therefore they have a full compliment of jobs necessary to create these videos. They have jobs for graphic designers, motion graphic designers, live-action film crew, the works.

They advertise on their contact site that they are interested in after Effects animators, illustrators, DP’s, or interns.

category- internship opportunities


31 Howard Street 3rd Floor New York, NY 10013
Anne Skopas, Executive Producer (NYC): 212-668-0111

Buck values itself on its integration with the professionals and their interns in the work environment to create masterful visual works for the screen. They believe in a workplace where everyone works together for a common purpose and the same eye level.

what many of the pieces that really caught my eye were highly animated advertisements for other clients. Their entire library can be found here. This one was more of a large scale but basic after effects project “Tell your own story” while a second one “Color your travels” was an open advertisement which seemed to me that they were using sophisticated programming

Buck works on many short pieces for their clients. So many of them are only 30 seconds. Unlike the previous example, this company has a path that is directed considerably more toward animation rather than standard live action film production.


100 Water Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brtainstorm-Digital has worked with big name clients such as the HBO, Disney, Universal, to name a few. They are all about creating masterful computer generated images and special effects for films and TV shows. So in many of the shows you watch and in many of the films you went to the theater to see, brainstorm digital was the company that made you think what you were seeing was real… oooooohhhh….

Their main jobs are special effects and graphic designers. They are generally a post-production team that works on the shots that were already captured for a given show or film and touched up with added computer generated stuff.
And that’s exactly what i wanna do in an internship and beyond.. ond..ond…ond!

And an added thought about schools:

I have been thinking about going to graduate school, and found several great programs, but i feel that i would do better going to a technical school and learning how to be a master at the craft i wish to do.


Some of the website I found for internships.

This link only provides information for some of the production companies there are, but if you click on the left side “Jobs & Training” it will take you to other links to an applicaiton for internships. (for production companies) (for internships)

This is the internships for HBO. one of the places i dream to work at.^IDYTkaH6jenWuSeOk718CzAF8fg6gYdrF/Kz9KwzqcqMVtBzeqWCMg==&jobId=641193&type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=36&JobSiteInfo=641193_36&GQId=0

I am not sure about what kind of company it is, but internship sounds good.