It’s Alive!!!


What do you want to make that is going to take time to bring it to life? The week long creative challenge is fun for the fact that you can do a sketch, shoot a photo, create a short clip/GIF – upload it and be done. It was useful as it was revealing a bit about your taste, but it wasn’t too much of a struggle.

A semester long final project though is a fairly big commitment. It has to be of scope and scale worthy of a semester long project. There will be struggles. You will have to spend a lot of time looking at what you’ve created, and it will be looking right back at you almost saying, “I am what I am because you made me this way.”


You are a reflection of what you’re making, it is a reflection of you.

So I’d like you to spend time over the next two weeks thinking. Yes just thinking – dreaming in the daytime actually. Doing so with an intention to ruminate about what you might commit to making for your final project and why you’d chose to do so. Be prepared to at our next meeting talk to us about how and when you thought about this. Where were you? How long did you think about it? What distractions were around or not? How much time would you say your really gave yourself thinking/dreaming about it? What did you discover? About the project? About yourself possibly?

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